Small Businesses Rejoice for the 2019 Nissan NV Cargo Van

Nissan NV Cargo Van at Nissan of Van Nuys

There's more than reason small businesses are rejoicing over the 2019 Nissan NV Cargo Van.

As a small business owner with one eye on the bottom line, you'll like the NV's starting price of around $29,000, the 5 year, 100,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and that the 2018 Nissan NV Cargo was awarded the Edmunds Best Retained Value, beating out rivals like the Mercedes Benz Metris, Ram Promaster, and Ford Transit Van.

If you're a plumber or electrician hauling heavy materials and equipment, you'll also appreciate the 324 feet of customizable cargo space and the V6 and V8 engines, delivering up to 387 pounds of pulling power.

It's a start, but there's a whole lot more.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits to small businesses that own the Nissan NV Cargo Van.

The Nissan NV Cargo Van Fleet

The NV Cargo comes in three models with three grade levels. Depending on which option you choose this translates to a wide range of vehicles powered at the base end by a 4.0 liter V6 engine, and at the high end by the more powerful 5.6 liter V8.

The bigger engine features Ward's best-in-class 7-speed, 375 horsepower and 387 pounds of torque. If you're regularly moving heavy loads, or you just need to get places quickly, you may want that extra pulling power.

Fully equipped, the NV can take on cargo loads up toward 4,000 lbs, and pull up to 9400 lbs. That's more than 1000 lbs over competitors in the segment including the Mercedes Metris and Sprinter vans, the Ford Transit and the Transit Connect.

That Nissan is prepared to offer the extended warranty on a vehicle built to tackle these kinds of loads is a reflection of the confidence they have in their product.

The same can't be said of the NV's competition. The GMC Savana, Chevy Express, and Ram Promaster all stop coverage at 3 years or 36,000 miles, a full 2 years or 64,000 miles less than the NV. That's a lot to consider for a business owner thinking for the long term.

Customizable Cargo Space

Each model is available with the standard roof, and there's a high roof option on the two upper models should you need extra space, the only vehicle with this option in Ward's Light Vehicle Segment.

The high roof is 21 inches over the standard with 76.9 inches of total headroom, enough room to set up a workspace in the back or invite some medium height NBA players over for drinks.

Even without the high roof, the Nissan NV Cargo is among the tallest in its class and features an impressive 234 cubic feet of cargo space, much of it customizable to your particular needs.

The long cargo floor and near-vertical side walls give enough space between the flat-top wheel-well housing to accommodate sheets of 8 x 4 paneling or wall board. Six floor-mounted D rings in the back let you safely tie down extra loads for when you're on the move.

There's also a full-length panel on the inside to help reduce damage to the outside skin during loading and unloading.

The Nissan NV Cargo is nothing if not flexible, with the design team sage enough to understand they know less than you about how to best optimize your truck's set-up.

The NV is fitted with 57 attachment points enabling you to more easily install aftermarket modifications and customization equipment.

There are 36 attachment points on the sides for shelving, 10 on the ceiling where you could mount an interior ladder or utility rack, and 11 at the bulkhead position separating the cabin.

This means you won't have to go drilling the NV full of holes to get it fitted out right. No holes, no rusting.

The cargo area also features extensive area lighting and power outlets including a 3-prong 120-volt outlet located in the center console and vertical support pillar.

Keeping Your Business Mobile

Your business shouldn't suffer interruptions or missed opportunities while you're on the road.

With much of your time likely spent in and around the vehicle, you want it to function as much as a mobile office as it does materials carrier. Time saved during the day means you'll have more time at home with family and friends later.

The NV is no slouch when it comes to innovative storage design and technology features.

Blue-tooth hands-free phone calls and text messaging come standard, as does a USB connection port to interface with your iPod and other compatible mobile devices.

Every model across the range is fitted with a back-up camera and 5" color display audio system.

The high roof models offer more storage options in an overhead console that's big enough for legal size binders, as well as a lockable center console that can also be removed, that can fit hanging files and mobile devices up to the size of a laptop computer.

The console also includes a computer or mobile phone charging port, which also converts to a more usable work surface.

Beneath the driver's seat there's an additional storage drawer for paperwork, tools or other items that you might need close at hand.

The front passenger seat folds up to double as a convenient work desk.

Optional upgrade packages can get you various combinations of Sirius Radio, navigation and mobile apps with a 5.8 touch screen, back door glass, and vinyl upholstery.

Practical and Flexible Workhorse

What small businesses look for in a vehicle is a cost-efficient, value-driven workhorse that can tough it out through years of hauling equipment and materials.

One that lets you keep your business running while you're on the road.

The Nissan NV Cargo delivers on all counts. Motortrend's Ultimate Buyer's Guide described it as "about as practical and flexible as you can get."

But you don't have to take our word for it.

Come down for a test drive and see for yourself. Make an appointment or just drop in. We're located on the corner of Van Nuys and Clark, and open 9:00 am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week.

Better yet, at Nissan of Van Nuys we have a full range of Nissan NV Cargo Vans to choose from. We'll help you pick one out.


Small Businesses Rejoice for the 2019 Nissan NV Cargo Van - Nissan of Van Nuys

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