Build Your Credit Score at Nissan of Van Nuys

Trying to shop for a car with a bad credit score, or even no credit history? Our Van Nuys, CA Nissan dealership serving Burbank, Glendale and West Hollywood has you covered. Our Credit Translation Center will use legal procedures to help you delete certain items from your credit report, which in turn can help you qualify for the best new Nissan or used car leasing or financing deals. So even if you're unsure about your credit, be sure to get in touch or simply come on over to our Nissan dealership on Van Nuys Boulevard to learn more.



It's especially important in the L.A. area for people with all kinds of credit situations to be able to buy a car. You'll need reliable transportation for getting to work and for running errands, and a bad credit score shouldn't get in the way of that. There are plenty of other ways we can help you improve your credit, and simply helping you acquire a new or used car loan that you can make regular payments on is a great way to start building your rating.

Financing a car can be a complicated process, but we here at Nissan of Van Nuys are ready to work with you no matter what your credit score looks like.


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