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Reserve the all-new ARIYA today at Nissan of Van Nuys. Feel the thrill of being first, and the thrill of owning the all-new ARIYA electric crossover. Reserve yours now to get priority purchasing on the Nissan ARIYA. Plus those who meet eligibility requirements can get two years' free Evgo® membership plus $500 in charging credits at EVgo.



Electrify every adventure. A dual-motor, e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive system elevates traction and stability beyond weather. By monitoring energy output and braking response at each wheel, e-4ORCE can produce high-precision control. The kind that can help tame snow-covered roads and wet or icy surfaces.

The Nissan ARIYA transforms capability, taking power, control and comfort to the next level – all on a new EV platform.

The Nissan ARIYA equipped with e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive can change everything you think an EV is capable of. The dual electric motors make ARIYA eye-popping quick, stable, and agile on practically any surface. But it's the precision handling that takes capability to a new level. The ability to transfer 100% power from the front to the rear wheels delivers exacting command. The independent wheel torque control helps counteract over or under-steer. In addition, e-4ORCE manages vehicle motion as soon as the brakes are applied, giving everyone on board a smooth, seamless ride. Buckle in and experience the thrill of All-Wheel Drive. With e-4ORCE, you have new territory to explore.

Accelerate the adventure with the power of dual electric motors. Think smooth, seamless. By varying the amount of torque to each wheel, the Nissan ARIYA can respond to changing situations with poise. Punch the throttle and feel the torque propel you instantly forward while getting every bit of available grip from e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive.

Few things raise a driver's confidence like having the capability to command a situation, such as wet, icy or snowy roads. To hone your skills, look to the precise nature of e-4ORCE's advanced e-powertrain and braking. By monitoring and controlling each wheel separately, the Nissan ARIYA can move forward with enhanced grip. You experience a newfound sense of control and enhanced vehicle stability. Weather has nothing on you.

White cumulus clouds. We all know what they look like and how they smoothly move across the sky. But what do they feel like? Let's get in the Nissan ARIYA and find out. From the moment you enter busy traffic to your first hard deceleration, you notice the ARIYA remains flat and stable. You also notice how comfortable you are. How comfortable everyone could be, floating from place to place.

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