Advantages of Nissan Commercial TRAC Leasing

If your business needs a full fleet of cargo vans or has cash flow problems during the off-season, a TRAC lease makes too much sense to pass up. Those new to commercial vehicle financing may not know it, but TRAC leasing is the preferred lease option for many large corporations, and for good reason. Here are some of the major advantages of choosing TRAC when leasing a commercial vehicle from Nissan of Van Nuys.

What is TRAC?

Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause lending, commonly referred to as TRAC leasing, is the ideal vehicle fleet financing solution for most business owners. Commercial vehicles that are utilized for business at least 50% of the time qualify for this unique open-ended lease, which offers an end-of-lease option to purchase any or all of your fleet vehicles. The residual value and TRAC payoff amounts are determined when negotiating and signing a contract with the Business Certified team at Nissan of Van Nuys.

Normal Leasing vs. Nissan TRAC Leasing

In addition to offering various payoff options, TRAC leases differ from normal fleet leases in numerous ways:
  • Unlimited mileage on all Nissan models
  • No charges for wear and tear at the end of the TRAC lease
  • Capitalized costs for a TRAC lease include taxes and charges for upfits and Nissan accessory installations
  • Seasonal term options and monthly payments linked to your busy season
  • Potentially no down payment when leasing a Nissan fleet
Major Benefits of a TRAC Lease

Along with unlimited mileage restrictions and no wear-and-tear clauses, TRAC leases also offer the following benefits to lessees:
  • All Nissan vehicles qualify, including the NV200 and NV Passenger Van
  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) provides flexible lease terms and packages for each vehicle in your fleet
  • Simple process for shopping for and financing a growing fleet of commercial models
  • Off-balance-sheet financing as an "operational lease"
  • Depreciation amounts are tax deductible
  • Monthly payments may be deducted as a business expense
  • Additional TRAC lines of credit, customized by your business's needs
Contact the Business Certified commercial sales team at Nissan of Van Nuys for more details about TRAC and any other Nissan lease or finance opportunities available to you.
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